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4" Acacia Wood Stand (Food Safe)

4" Acacia Wood Stand (Food Safe)

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This versatile 4" tall Acacia wood stand would make the perfect addition to your kitchen or home decor collection! This durable wood is finished with a food safe product which makes it perfect to elevate your culinary creations or simply to display as a decorative accent piece in any part of your home. This stand offers both functionality and style adding a touch of natural elegance to any space.  

  • Design is wood burned by hand 
  • 4" tall, 10" diameter
  • Acacia wood
  • Finished with Howard's Butcher Board Oil, Wax, and Conditioner
  • Do NOT cut on this stand

Care instructions:
Avoid abrasive materials, not dishwasher safe, avoid high temperatures (placing extremely hot items on the surface), avoid chemicals, do not cut on this board, and do not let liquid sit on the board for long periods of time.

Cleaning instructions:
Wipe down with a microfiber/soft cloth. For a deep clean use warm (not hot) water, mild soap, a nonabrasive cloth, and gently wipe. Wipe dry with a soft cloth immediately after rinsing. 

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