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Fishing Coaster Set

Fishing Coaster Set

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This Fishing Coaster Set was inspired by my wonderful papaw who passed away in 2021, each coaster in this set captures the spirit of his favorite pastime: fishing. 🎣

Crafted with love and precision, these coasters feature intricately designed fishing motifs, paying homage to the joy and tranquility of days spent by the water. They provide both functionality and a touch of rustic charm to any space.

Perfect for protecting your surfaces while evoking nostalgic memories, this Fishing Coaster Set is more than just a practical item – it's a celebration of a legacy. Whether for your home or as a thoughtful gift, let these coasters remind you of the simple pleasures and meaningful moments spent with loved ones. 🐟

  • Design hand drawn & laser engraved into the coaster 
  • 4" x 4"
  • 4 coasters in each set
  • Sealed with a durable and protective enamel finish

Care instructions: 
Avoid abrasive materials, not dishwasher safe, avoid high temperatures (placing extremely hot items on the surface), avoid chemicals.

Cleaning instructions:
Wipe down with a microfiber/soft cloth. For a deep clean use warm (not hot) water, mild soap, a nonabrasive cloth, and gently wipe. Set aside to dry.

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