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Large Sunflower Board (food safe)

Large Sunflower Board (food safe)

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Introducing this radiant Large Sunflower Board – a vibrant celebration of nature's beauty, featuring seven stunning sunflowers. 🌻 This exquisite piece is meticulously crafted to bring a burst of sunshine into your home, with each sunflower intricately detailed to capture the essence of these cheerful blooms.

Perfect for serving or as a decorative centerpiece, this board adds a touch of elegance and joy to any space. Whether you're hosting a gathering or simply brightening up your kitchen, the Large Sunflower Board is designed to impress and inspire.

Embrace the warmth and positivity of sunflowers with this beautiful board, and let it be a reminder of the sunny days and happy moments in life. 🌞✨

  • Design drawn by hand & laser engraved into the board.
  • 19.75" x 7.75" tall, .75" thick
  • Teak wood
  • Front finished with Watco Butcher Block Oil & Finish
  • It is safe to cut on the back of the board. Do NOT cut on the design, the front of the board is for serving food only.

Care instructions:
Avoid abrasive materials, not dishwasher safe, avoid high temperatures (placing extremely hot items on the surface), avoid chemicals, do not cut on the front of this board, and do not let liquid sit on the board for long periods of time.

Cleaning instructions:
Wipe down with a microfiber/soft cloth. For a deep clean use warm (not hot) water, mild soap, a nonabrasive cloth, and gently wipe. Wipe dry with a soft cloth immediately after rinsing.

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