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Vintage Mushroom Coaster Set

Vintage Mushroom Coaster Set

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 Introducing this Vintage Mushroom Coaster Set – a charming blend of rustic elegance and nostalgic flair! 🍄✨ This set of four wooden coasters features unique mushroom designs that pop vividly against a striking black background. Each coaster is a hand-cut wood slice with the natural bark edge intact, adding an authentic touch of nature to your decor.

The mushrooms are meticulously wood burned onto each coaster, showcasing intricate details that harken back to the enchanting designs of the 70s. Perfect for protecting your surfaces while adding a touch of vintage charm, these coasters are both functional and stylish.

Elevate your home with the timeless appeal of this Vintage Mushroom Coaster Set – a delightful nod to nature and retro artistry. 🌿🌼

  • Design wood burned by hand.
  • Each coaster has a 4 to 4.25" diameter
  • 4 coasters in this set
  • Sealed with a durable and protective enamel finish
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